“ART OF THE BOX” aims to build a platform for creating a dialogue between the culture of Western Europe and the Western Balkans in an environment that is receptive to art and accessible to an audience that varies from young to old. Build a platform where people can share their beliefs, habits and their experiences. Inspire creative communities by bringing amateur artists (undiscovered talents) into contact with professional artists. Promoting executive, visual and creative art.

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Goals

“ART OF THE BOX” (AOB) aims to give vulnerable young people the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and establish contacts with different cultures.

  • AOB aims to give young people the chance to get acquainted with international programs and offer them the opportunity to participate.
  • AOB discovers and develops the talents of the youngster and links these talents to experiential learning.
  • AOB prepares young people, stimulates and guides them before, during and after cultural exchanges.
  • AOB aims to inspire, train and / or guide both young and experienced artists, just like other professional artists.
  • AOB aims to bring together professional artists and amateur artists and collaborate in the most passionate and pedagogical way.
  • AOB uses an extensive international network of experts from various sectors.

“ART OF THE BOX” believes that young people who participate in international exchange projects can broaden their horizons and be stronger and more confident in life.

  • AOB believes that international exchanges will increase the involvement of young people at local and national level.
  • AOB stands for Involvement, Creativity, Education, Innovation, Development and Synergy.
  • AOB wants to create a symbiosis between professional and amateur artists by creating communication channels such as a website, newsletter, Facebook page and events.
  • AOB is convinced that art is amazing, enriched and confronted, and starts from the encounter with active artists.
  • AOB wants to build bridges between different art disciplines, target groups and sectors.
  • AOB wants to be present in society by bringing art for and by young people into public space, but also by choosing social themes as a starting point for art educational projects. Organizing lectures, workshops and training are essential for “ART OF THE BOX”, as are partnerships with committed partners.
  • AOB aims to promote and visualize the discipline and its practitioners by offering exhibition opportunities and by setting up innovative projects, events and competitions in which both the process and the meeting with like-minded and / or the general public to be important.

Throughout the entire operation “ART OF THE BOX” pays extra attention to setting up partnerships, diversity and communication.

  • To motivate the provision and explanation of international programs and young people to participate.
  • Establishing a platform where European young people can discover, share and develop their talents.
  • Organizing cultural events and activities.
  • Organizing meetings and offering workshops where the exchange of art is central (art residents / art colony, music seminars, theater, crates, traveling, photography / video workshops, TEDx events).Bringing together different cultures with a specific focus on Belgian and Macedonian culture.